Terms of use
Conditions of use of services

CloudSync customers must commit to full acceptance of the use policy, where ignorance of the rules does not exempt from compliance with them. In case of breach of the CloudSync rules, the administration is entitled to cancel the contracted services, without obligation to return money.

You are a client because you have invested in a website developed by a professional, that website must be updated at least so as not to affect other clients and / or server accounts.

2. The following contents are strictly prohibited: cracks, piracy (illegal software), chats, large amounts of large files for downloads and using the web space to make backup copies of hard drives. In addition to all those scripts that, due to their functions, may damage the server and / or services provided by it. If any of these contents are found, CloudSync reserves the right to delete them without prior notice. If you have any questions, consult our administration at info [at]

3 It is totally forbidden to send spam, as well as mailing without prior notice. If you need to do mailing, you must hire a mail server, where you will be assigned a dedicated IP for this use. Any hosting account that does spamming will be immediately suspended for 24 hours and will be reactivated once the problem is solved.

4. If a customer's account consumes most of the machine's resources, said account will be suspended and its owner will be notified to take whatever actions are deemed appropriate so that both parties can dispose of their properties, in the event of not reaching an agreement, or that it is for fraudulent use, CloudSync will cancel the services provided. No option to be able to claim by the client.

5. All materials that violate copyright are strictly prohibited. Being reported by CloudSync to the competent authorities, providing customer data. Content that may hurt sensitivity will not be accepted. And the contents of pornography of any kind. CloudSync is not responsible for the content that its customers may put.

6. The passwords to access your ftp, or shell, should only be known to you, if a user enters with it, we are not responsible for any damage caused. Any cost on your account will also be charged. If you want to hire a special backup service, you just have to contact the CloudSync administration. With this to say, that if you have not contracted a backup service, we are not responsible for you losing the data hosted. You have the obligation at all times, to have a backup in your possession, in case something unexpected happens (hackers, data loss, server crash, etc ...)

7. If you want to extend your contract for personal needs, send an e-mail to: info [at] and we will advise you that you should choose for the best performance of your website.

8. CloudSync reserves the right to change these prices, if necessary, without prior notice. Once contracted, the prices will not vary during the contracted period of time.

9. The cost of the web pages designed by CloudSync may vary depending on the programming language, the complicity and the amount of internal links. If you want information about our design plans, please contact our sales representatives at: info [at]

10. Updates of your web pages by CloudSync will be monthly, and may be every 15 days or weekly, according to the needs of the contractor, in case a month, no update is made, it will be charged equally by CloudSync for reasons of maintenance of the Web, and preparation of subsequent updates.

11. CloudSync will not be responsible for any failure in any of its services caused by reasons for which responsibility does not fall directly on CloudSync.

12. To have a web space, with special content for adults, you must contact the Administration and request it.

13. Once our services have been contracted for a period of time, the client may unsubscribe at any time. CloudSync will refund the amount paid, in case we cannot offer the contracted service.

15. If the transfer of a domain is requested to another company, the client has the obligation to pay the amount of management and transfer of between € 10-€ 25.

16. If you wish to cancel a service, you must notify us at least 30 days in advance, otherwise you must pay the renewal price that is requested.

17 If during the hiring period you want to be able to expand the services offered, send us an e-mail to info [at] indicating what you want to expand, we will contact you as soon as possible, you will have to pay a monthly or annual fee for the enlargement.

18. All information, source code, images, name and others related to CloudSync, is the intellectual property of CloudSync, any partial or total reproduction will be notified to the competent authorities.

19. The personal data provided by the user in this form will be subject to automated treatment in accordance with the Organic Law for the Regulation of the Automated Treatment of Personal Personal Data (LORTAD), which will allow CloudSync to improve the customer / supplier relationship . CloudSync will use the data for the purpose of improving communication between the customer and CloudSync. For any questions about the use, purposes and consequences of the processing of your data, you can contact us at the following electronic address: info [at]

20. Payments will be made according to the start date of the service provided, as well as the contracting period, the delay in payments, will lead to the automatic cancellation of all contracted services. Payment will be made by entering a bank account or by transfer within a period of no more than 5 calendar days after the deadline date, where the domain name or account holder must appear as a concept of income. CloudSync is not responsible for the damages, or data caused by the suspension or cancellation of accounts due to inpayments, without the possibility of claim by the client.

21. Once charged, CloudSync will not return the amount paid by the client in case he decides not to have our services after 30 days have elapsed from the contracting of the same.

22. If you wish to unsubscribe from any contracted service, you must always do so between 15 and 30 days before the expiration date, otherwise you would lose the right to transfer the services to another company unless you make the payment of the renewal of services.

23. CloudSync has a technical support service by e-mail, support [at], which will receive a response in terms not exceeding 12 hours.

24. If you want CloudSync to manage your customer accounts, the service will have an additional cost of € 5 per month, if it is a reseller account, its administration will be € 15 per month. If this service is not available, CloudSync is not obliged to resolve doubts that are not related to a failure of the service by CloudSync.

25. All the pages hosted in CloudSync and sponsored, will be obliged to put a link on the main page (example: Hosted by where CloudSync will be in charge of all kinds of advertising related to these sponsored websites. In addition to having access to the databases if they have one.

If you have any questions about the regulations, please contact us at support [at]